Cinegrain Indie Filmmaker Collection

Digital cinematography has really taken some major leaps over the past few years, and cameras such as RED ONE, RED Epic and Arri Alexa have even made diehard film purists take notice as these cameras are now viable options for shooting major motion pictures. When properly exposed these cameras deliver pristine images, but perhaps a bit too pristine at times. Sometimes the image calls for a little texture like you would get with film, or maybe there's a need to give footage the look and feel of a particular era which film grain texture would be appropriate. Generally speaking to achieve this and make it look believable takes high end tools such as Arri Relativity. Cinegrain is a company that specializes in grain and film textures/effects and have been serving the high end commercial market for years. Recently they offered a product aimed at the indie filmmaker, named appropriately The Indie Filmmaker Collection. This collection is made up of various Super8, 16mm, and 35mm film grain, as well as dirt/scratches, head and tail leaders, flash frames, splices, specialty flares, and even looks created by combining various clips. The footage is in ProRes format, and there are actually two versions you can purchase. A 1080P ProRes or a version that has 1080P ProRes HQ as well as 2K ProRes HQ. They are priced at $299 and $499. The only catch - your project has to have a budget of $50,000 or less. 

I will be posting examples here as I continue to experiment with this collection. There are various techniques that can be used to add the grain or other effects. Here is a page that explains those techniques. 

Okay, here is an example of 35mm at 64ASA Daylight. The subject is the very talented Callaghan. Check out her work here. Keep in mind that Vimeo won't really show you the best look at this. For those who can view ProRes, please do a save as on this link


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